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Deepfake-Marketing.com helps organizations develop deepfake videos and deepfake audio. For promoting your brand or for creative marketing campaigns.

Deepfake video.

We help organizations develop funny, bizarre or funny deepfake videos for TV, social media or marketing campaigns.

Deepfake Marketing

We develop omni-channel marketing campaigns for various organizations. We work together with the customer from idea to development.

Workshops & webinars.

We give workshops and webinars to organizations about how Deepfake technology works. The dangers, ethics, technology and possibilities are discussed.

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Sem Zijlstra
"WOW! Super proud of the campaign we made together with Deepfake-Marketing.com."
July 16, 2020
Sanne Visser
"Within one day I had a great video that I could use for all our socials, great work!"
Jan 31, 2020
Wouter Aijtink
"Within a week from concept to video. Deepfake-Marketing.com is highly recommended."
May 2, 2020


Are deepfake videos legal?

It depends on how you use the produced content. We ask our clients to always make it clear to the viewer that it is deepfake content. The client is then responsible for this.

We think it is not ok if people are (audio)visually misled and not informed. Deepfake is meant to entertain and never to harm.

As long as you proactively point out to the public that these are fake videos, we believe Deepfake is a technology that can help organizations create sensational and entertaining content in an innovative way. Deepfaker is in no way responsible for any damage caused by the materials they produce.

How is deepfake content created?

Deepfake is a combination of the words 'deep learning' and 'fake'. Deepfake are images, sounds and texts created by artificial intelligence (AI) driven technology. These images, sounds and texts seem real, but are adapted by the computer and therefore not real.

Editing photos and movies has been done for a long time (think of Photoshop), but deepfake technology allows us to quickly create realistic fake images. The role of artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role in this. The AI analyzes large amounts of imagery and is therefore able to automatically produce fake content that can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. Often post-processing is done by a human to get an even more realistic end product.

How much does it cost to develop Deepfake content?

That depends on your wishes. One assignment can be realized quickly and relatively cheaply. The other assignment requires much more time and work, e.g. because of the lack of good images that we can feed to the AI. You can come to us for both simple videos and full customization campaigns. Please contact us for a quote.

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Choose from our fixed selection of celebrities.
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